All About Us


Ours is a story of enthusiasm for the thoroughbred racehorse and a love of the sport’s history and traditions.It began with the family’s involvement in racehorse ownership, which produced many winners over several decades, including the Blue Diamond Stakes at Caulfield, and it expanded into breeding, with all its highlights and challenges.The story includes one family member who has written books about the history of racing and another who has sat up all night in a stable to save a foal’s life or nurse a mare back to health.The horses come first in this story.We have fun, seek to involve our friends and clients in all aspects of the evolving business, and list integrity and transparency at the top of our list of values.


Our Team

Director – Guyan Stroud

Guyan has been an avid racing enthusiast his whole life with now a range of racing interests. A keen follower of form, Guyan is passionate about horse welfare, quality racing and the joy of raceday.
Guyan leads a large retail business and sits on the Board of its national franchise operation. A devoted father of three boys, local cricket club president and the life of the party.

Managing Director – Sally Ballantine

A love of the agricultural industry and a keen enthusiasm for racing has combined to ignite a passion to lead Thompson Creek Thoroughbreds.
Sally is a Management Consultant having spent most of her career with one of the big four firms and one of Australia’s largest banks. Sally is responsible for all aspects of the business on a day to day basis. Sally has specialised in strategy and finance, governance, digital and client communications throughout her career and is well positioned to lead TCT’s efforts.
Sally is the mother of four boys and a lover of wine and everything the Surf Coast (home of Glentree South) has to offer.

Client Relationship Manager – Marlo Stroud

From her early days as a young girl at pony club to recent times watching her horses race down the straight, Marlo has been passionate about horses. Marlo is committed to ensuring the very best experience for Thompson Creek Thoroughbred clients with clear and accurate information entering the sales season, regular updates explaining your horses’ path to the racetrack… to the very best of trackside entertainment come the big day.

Marlo is a mother of three teenage boys, never far from organising the next get together and the main controller of Guyan.

General Manager – Derek Ballantine

Derek resides at Glentree South and manages all equine activities. Derek has had a lifetime in racing with notable success in leading Australian races. Derek is a pedigree expert and former stud farm owner and breeder.
Derek has written multiple books on the thoroughbred. No one loves the horse more than Derek who knows what is important to you; safety, feeding regimen, veterinary needs and in the case of our broodmares, who should cover them to maximize your investment.
Derek is a father of four, grand father to 11 and very proud of this family business dedicated to excellence in the breeding and racing industry.