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Welcome to Thompson Creek Thoroughbreds, where we celebrate the love of horses and the thrill of racing.Here you will find information about Glentree South, our family-owned thoroughbred property where we treat your horse like our own, as well as information on racehorse and broodmare ownership packages.Glentree South with rolling hills, top quality fencing and rich pastures is a spelling destination without compromise.Our syndications offer unrivalled access to some of Victoria’s leading trainers and pedigree analysis in a boutique atmosphere where everyone knows your name. We want to enjoy the journey from breeding barn to racetrack – to winner’s stall - with you.We hope you come and visit your horse, share a glass of local wine and visit Victoria’s surf coast only 25 minutes away.Look out also for updates about racing and breeding topics which we regularly share with our clients.Thompson Creek Thoroughbreds – for agistment, breeding and racing